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Introduction--March 15, 2011

Week 1: Taking a Stab @ It

Week 2: Lacking Klout

Week 3: Welcome to the Party

Week 4: I Believe in Me

Week 5: Listing to the Right

Week 6: Twitterdreams

Week 7: I Blame Aristotle

Week 8: Electile Dysfunction

Week 9: You Can't Keep a Down Man Good

Week 10: Manifesto Destiny

Week 11: Shames People Play

Week 12: Tweets and CHiRPs

Week 13: Beck and Call

Epilogue: The Perfect Tweet

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Politics, My Foot(note)!

I recently read an article--I'm not sure where--about the changing role of the noble yet lowly footnote. It seems that with the advent of e-reading (and, in particular e-books), the footnote is not quite as convenient as it used to be. Where once it was a downward glance toward slightly smaller print, it's now been relegated to an active link or sometimes--even worse--an endnote, that most feeble of too-easily-ignored information snippets.

Yet for some writers the footnote is a special creature--think de Tocqueville or David Foster Wallace--and is meant to do more than gloss. I use footnotes the same way; it's where I've put most of the humor in the book and so, in the interest of sharing some laughter that might otherwise end up glossed over rather than glanced at (and in the interest, also, of convincing you to read them all when you get the book), here are a few I particularly like....

In discussing how Glenn Beck referred to his first guest, Sarah Palin...

"Actually, he referred to her as 'one hot grandma.'"

In referencing an anecdote of my nearly non-existent teenage romances...

"For those of you too young to recognize the term, 'going steady' was sort of the opposite of 'friends with benefits.' You were more than friends but there were almost no benefits."

Definition of the word zaftig as it relates to the insults Glenn Beck launched at Meghan McCain...

"Yiddish word meaning 'having a full rounded figure; pleasingly plump.' Also a Jewish-style deli in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Apparently their Banana Stuffed French Toast is legendary and their knishes are to die for."

In discussing our country's habit of election watching, our new national pastime...

"Except in Texas, where it's way behind high school football, and Vermont, where it understandably lags behind public nudity."

And finally, commenting on Rush Limbaugh's famous phrase, "talent on loan from God..."

"Limbaugh claims to have his 'talen on loan from God.' The statement strikes me as odd since I usually think of God as a being of infinite gifts, not loans. Limbaugh makes God sound too much like the neighbor who wants to borrow my hedge trimmer. However, if Limbaugh is right and God did loan him talent, then he should have asked for a bigger loan."

There are many more.  Check them out here....

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