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Musings on Politics, The Tea Party, and America's Rampant Electile Dysfunction







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Table of Contents

Introduction--March 15, 2011

Week 1: Taking a Stab @ It

Week 2: Lacking Klout

Week 3: Welcome to the Party

Week 4: I Believe in Me

Week 5: Listing to the Right

Week 6: Twitterdreams

Week 7: I Blame Aristotle

Week 8: Electile Dysfunction

Week 9: You Can't Keep a Down Man Good

Week 10: Manifesto Destiny

Week 11: Shames People Play

Week 12: Tweets and CHiRPs

Week 13: Beck and Call

Epilogue: The Perfect Tweet

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Acknowledgements & Thanks

Now that the book is out (and thanks to those who have bought their copy!), I thought it time to personally acknowledge all of those who participated in its creation.  Here, then, is the "Acknowledgements" section straight from the book.  (Yes: that means that, if you're name is below, then YOU are in the book!).

 This book, which started out as a bizarre little idea that I thought might offer some amusement, quickly absorbed the time and attention of quite a few people, and to them I am very gratefully indebted.      

Greg Russak, Reine Silverlight-Mallonee, Mary Ann Reilly, Rob Cohen, Fran Sansalone, and Gabe Vanore all read (and re-read) various drafts, and all provided critical and thoughtful feedback, particularly with respect to the overall narrative arc.  Without their careful evaluations the book could easily have become a series of disconnected essays (or worse, just a bunch of meandering rants).  Rob and Mary Ann also contributed a Jeremy Bentham quote and an epigram, respectively. Rob Traverso and Chris Vetere provided me the younger perspective (and also kept checking in to see what was new on the website). My thanks also go out to Jennifer Newcombe Marine for her sage advice on how to keep the overall effort on track, and to Cindy Sherwood for her excellent editing.

Recently reconnecting with a number of childhood friends (Facebook is a truly wonderful social medium) allowed me to verify and/or flesh out a few of my oldest memories. I’m thankful to Sharon Russell, Craig Hilton, Hartley Engel, Richard Angelini, Roland Greene, and Jeff Shaw for their help (even though they might not have known they were helping…).

Most importantly my wife, Renee, provided not only feedback, but an incredible amount of support as well, giving me plenty of time and space to embark on what I’m sure she thought was just another random obsession.



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