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      Follow Friday Blogs, January 20, 2012


      Sometimes I wake up on a Friday and think it's Thursday. Or Wednesday. And then, realizing it actuall IS Friday, I utter a brief "Oh, S**t!" and note that it's time to do the FF Blog thing again. On days like that there's no real rhyme or reason to my selections.... Fortunately I keep a backlog of interesting blogs...

      First up today is the Public Intelligence Blog, from an organization calling itself the Earth Intelligence Network. The site is a compedium of just about anything that interests them, with an absolutely enormous archive. There are articles, articles about articles, videos, rants, event lists and links. And check out the section on M4IS2: Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making.

      Ever wonder how a Super PAC can screw up a message and end up sounding like an episode of South Park. Nah... me, neither. Yet when I found The Prudence Paine Papers I learned about it anyway, and I'm glad I did. I really love this site. It combines politics, daily latin phrases (today's is modo vincimus, modo vincimur -- go ahead, look it up) and a review of the Sooper-Proodey awards. Plus, you have to take a trip down memory lane to see what a classic Newt Gingrich impersonation really looks like.

      My final selection this week is MedusaRants. It's fun, funny, sad, rancorous and, ultimately, artistic. Just check out her sidebar on a few of her favorite things if you want to get a flavor sample.

      And as always, check out what I've been saying here.


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