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      Follow Friday Blogs, May 18, 2012


      Ran across a few unusual ones this week, with varying points of view and varying degrees of seriousness. All, of course, are of the very highest in writerly quality!

      My first find this week is The Feisty Moderate, an occasional effort from an unnamed blogger whose tag line quotes Robert F. Kennedy on the value of higher education: "[A] free mind insists on seeking out reality, and reality is often a far more painful matter than the soft and comfortable illusions of the intellectually poor." The blog has original entries and offers links out to other interesting articles. Thinking pieces, from a thinking person.

      My second find is Left/Right (pronounced "left-slash-right"). The authors here believe that we should "follow the truth" and that "ideology is the playground of the foolish." I agree. The site covers a variety of topics from, obviously, both sides. I particularly like the heading for "140 Characters of Truth," behind which you can find tweets associated with particular blog entries. It's a great way to tie things together.

      Finally, I urge you to visit The Lester and Charlie Review, a sickly humored site that tickles me. You can read remarks from Aunt Betty, including this one: “Years ago, I stopped eating anything that could see or think during its time on Earth. But after Citizens United, politicians got too damn expensive.” The site is certainly much more than just politics, but when it does cover politics, it cuts deeply, like this week's poll which asks "What's the next boneheaded way some conservative will recognize an important moment in American history?"  One of the choices is "Combining the anniversary of Paul Revere's midnight ride with both National Illiteracy Day and Sarah Palin's birthday." Yup.

      And for more fun (and info), don't forget to head over to my two Scoop.It pages, Coffee Party Conservatives and Electile Dysfunction!


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