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      Follow Friday Blogs, April 6, 2012


      In the last two weeks I've seen an uptick in interest from the moderate middle, the people I refer to as Consiberals. First, Linda Killian appeared on a number of programs promoting her new book, The Swing Vote, and then I started seeing inquiries about my book from several national moderate organizations.  So, this week's list of #FFBlogs is dedicated to the unlabeled, independent, swing-voting, consiberal, RINO/DINOs out there... All the sites are more than just blogs; though I've linked to the blog pages, I recommend you look them over top to bottom.

      CoffeeParty USA is a very large organization dedicated to "a nation of diverse communities sharing a culture of informed public engagement where our sacred right to vote is the only currency of our democracy." Their latest windmill is Grover Norquist, and I fully support their Stop the Pledge! movement.

      Next up is Ruck.US, a place where you can join an active community that believes "There is one thing that has always made democracies great. It’s not the institutions, the systems, or even the leaders. It’s the people." Concerned that institutions are winning the stealth war for our democracy, the founders of Ruck.US have created a place for the like-minded to gather.

      Third up this week is NoLabels, a very active centrist site that describes itself as "a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents dedicated to a simple proposition: We want our government to work again." They provide a "daily dose of no labels news" along with their blog.



      Follow Friday Blogs, March 30, 2012


      Those of you who read my recent blog entry on the Trayvon Martin incident will know that, apart from the obvious tragedy itself, I believe we should be aware of the ways in which the incident is affecting us all in small, subtle ways. To that end, I've decided to share a few blogs from others writing about Trayvon this week. Note, though, that I've intentionally avoided the obvious players (Maddow, Sharpton, Beck, or Hannity, for example), since we already know what they will say even before we hear them say it...

      First up is a heartfelt wish that things had been different, that those involved had thought first of God. The posting, entitled "Trayvon Martin, Race, and the Gospel" comes from Desiring God.

      Up next is the Stealthmode Blog from entrepreneureal consultant Francine Hardaway. In her entry she discusses how Trayvon's death makes her feel ashamed.  "Who do we think we are?" she asks. "What happened to us?"

      And finally, a incredibly on-target review of how the media can spin things and we don't even realize. The first two blogs, above, approach the topic from the preferred narrative, but here's one from the Infidel Blogger's Alliance that reminds us that, often, what we see and think is what someone wants us to see and think.



      Follow Friday Blogs, March 23, 2012


      A person recently asked me how many blogs I had recommended, so I took the time to (roughly) count them up.  I started 36 weeks ago and, at about three per week, that's over 100 recommendations. The interesting thing to me is that I never have any difficulty finding more and more interesting sites.  There are a lot of intelligent (and funny and interesting) people out there....

      I start this week with truthdogg, a blog with intermittent but interesting postings from someone who seems to me just a bit left of center. Most of his recent posts have to do with propaganda (or, as I call it, political marketing) and all are responses to emails from family members.  Because of that (or despite that!) he stays remarkably civil, disecting a number of messages with the precision of a skilled surgeon.  Highly recommended and, if you're reading this, truthdogg, please post more often (or guest post for me!)

      Next up is the blog from Iowahawk, another rather infrequent blogger (unfortunately) and an excellent writer. David Burge (owner of the nom-de-plume) always gives me something I didn't expect; if you want your eyes opened (and your stereotypes shattered), read his brief paean to Andrew Breitbart. (Okay: perhaps "paean" is a bit over the top, but "eye-opening" is absolutely accurate.)

      Finally this week I'd like to introduce you to the LeftNeck Chick who tells us that "you can get the liberal outta the redneck, but you'll never get the redneck outta the liberal."  She does a weekly radio show on UStream (Wednesday evenings, EST), and then blogs about the show. She also provides a fun list of "redneck-isms," along with translations for those of us in the northern states who may need help understanding such verbal trampoline acts as "As sure as a one-legged duck swims in circles."

      And, just to let everyone know, I've started posting articles and thoughts over at scribd, along with an extended excerpt from Chasing Glenn Beck. Head on over and check it out.



      Follow Friday Blogs, March 16, 2012


      This week in politics has been incredibly bizarre, fueled mostly by Rick Santorum's socially conservative rants.  So, using that as a bit of a jumping off point, I've decided to avoid politics, but still find sites that make you go WTF???!!???  

      First on my list is Markosun's Blog, a witty and slightly off-kilter collection of stuff. You might find pictures of defunct airlines or a rehash of the best saloon brawl ever produced by Hollywood.  I chose it because it has a great list of bizarre English words. Puerto Ricans, if you want statehood, you best pay attention....

      Next up is Yummy Books, a site that takes famous pieces of literature and converts them into recipes.  This particular entry is from "Lord of the Flies."  I'll say no more, except to tell you that, no, they don't use the pig's eyes...

      Finally this week I offer The Presurfer, billed as "your daily dose of diversion." Brought to you by, of course, Presurfer, it offers the bizarre in a "why-didn't-I-ever-notice-that?" way of looking at the world. I like the comparison of fast food advertisements vs. pictures of the actual food, but my favorite today is the Tesla Coils version of Dueling Banjos. With the flashing electricity, it could also represent a floor debate in the House or Senate....

      Have fun.  And don't forget: today is DONATION DAY here at Chasing Glenn Beck.



      Follow Friday Blogs (&Vlogs), March 2, 2012


      I've decided to go mixed media this week; my recent experience doing radio interviews for Chasing Glenn Beck has reminded me that our the written blog is not the only newly popular means of communication; both vlogs and internet radio have found their place as well. So a bit of everything this time...

      I start this week with A World of Progress, an internet radio talk show (with some video) that calls itself an "internet radio show for the progressive human." I hope to remind them that it's possible to be a progressive Republican; i.e., a Republican that wants to look forward and not backward! The show has a nice home-y feel, and I can't resist anyone who has guitars hanging on the wall behind her!

      At the other end of the political spectrum (I'm nothing if not "fair and balanced"), check out the YouTube channel for Misfit Politics, a collection of young conservos who chat about everything from payroll taxes to vegan farmers. I particularly like the video touting Lacey the Dog for President, although I have to say that she looks a bit old for the job--sort of like Ron Paul after a particularly grueling campaign swing...

      Finally, I suggest checking out the channel for the BDRProject (The Blue Dog Radio Project), presenting news and opinions from a centrist point of view. One show, hosted by The Wag, is an interesting blend of radio-style voice over with charts, graphs, images, etc. A nice blend of rational voice and logical argument.

      There you go: left, right and center, all in the newest of new media.  Enjoy!