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      Follow Friday Blogs, January 20, 2012


      Sometimes I wake up on a Friday and think it's Thursday. Or Wednesday. And then, realizing it actuall IS Friday, I utter a brief "Oh, S**t!" and note that it's time to do the FF Blog thing again. On days like that there's no real rhyme or reason to my selections.... Fortunately I keep a backlog of interesting blogs...

      First up today is the Public Intelligence Blog, from an organization calling itself the Earth Intelligence Network. The site is a compedium of just about anything that interests them, with an absolutely enormous archive. There are articles, articles about articles, videos, rants, event lists and links. And check out the section on M4IS2: Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making.

      Ever wonder how a Super PAC can screw up a message and end up sounding like an episode of South Park. Nah... me, neither. Yet when I found The Prudence Paine Papers I learned about it anyway, and I'm glad I did. I really love this site. It combines politics, daily latin phrases (today's is modo vincimus, modo vincimur -- go ahead, look it up) and a review of the Sooper-Proodey awards. Plus, you have to take a trip down memory lane to see what a classic Newt Gingrich impersonation really looks like.

      My final selection this week is MedusaRants. It's fun, funny, sad, rancorous and, ultimately, artistic. Just check out her sidebar on a few of her favorite things if you want to get a flavor sample.

      And as always, check out what I've been saying here.



      Follow Friday Blogs, January 13, 2012


      With the NH primary behind us the political winds now shift further south--and further right.  I thought, therefore, that this week would also lean right...

      Kicking off this week's list is "I'm Right and You Could Be...," which, regardless of content, would probably make my list just on the title alone. Written by Jamie, a Washington, D.C. conservative, the blog covers a variety of conservative topics without the often slavish adoration to punditry that a lot of sites I review seem to have. I like, to, that he says this: "I honestly don't care if you agree with me; however, I do appreciate your taking the time to read!"

      I love statistics. I also love visual images with a bit of snark. As a result, it was nearly impossible to resist "Politics and Stuff" from @D4nWebb. The site should come with a disclaimer that it's focused on the right rather than the left, but still, it's pretty even-handed. In most cases opinions aren't even offered--just a graph or image with a place to comment--sort of like a political junky's Rorschach test. I particularly like the analysis of Mitt Romney's appeal.

      Last up this week is the "Conservative Networking Blog," a reasonably new site that hopes to provide another place for conservatives to gather and chat. The viewpoint is quite a bit right (though not always correct!), and it can sometimes fall into the "belief first, then facts" paradigm, but it is well-intentioned and also provides a tremendous list of other conservative blog sites.

      As always, I invite you to check out my most recent blog entries here.



      Follow Friday Blogs, January 6, 2012

      Welcome to the New Year, everyone, and to the 2012 kickoff of Follow Friday Blogs. For the record, I've made absolutely no resolutions about what I'm going to share with you this year other than it will be (mostly) interesting, (reasonably) balanced, and (somewhat) lacking in hyperbole -- you know how I hate hyperbole!  It will also, undoubtedly, reflect things I find personally motivating.... and don't we all need more motivation now and then?

      This week starts with A Thinking Person's Buffet, a meta-blog that bills itself as presenting "Current Events as Viewed from this Hillside Hideout..."  We're also cautioned by the author, @A_ThinkingGirl, not to take anything too personally.  What you'll find here is an eclectic mix of articles, photos, opinion pieces and videos, all selected by the site's host in order to save you the work. A nice little one-stop shop.

      Next up is a blog so blatantly in love with Barack Obama that I have to share it because I find it so amusing. Today with President Barack Obama has been "posting daily on Obama since 2008" and, frankly, there's a bit more here about him than I really want to know... plus, the site treats him a bit like you might treat your favorite youtube cat video--as just SOOOOO precious!. What is fun, though is the peppered snark (McCain Latches on to Romney; Bye Bye Michele Bachmann), along with less than useful information about the Democrats caucusing in Iowa. (Really? Why??) Still, you can't help but appreciate this kind of adoration.

      Finally this week, there's Protopolitics, a blog from Paul Hittson offering "Conservative Political Thought."  While Paul's apparently been taking a break since before the holidays began, you can still take the opportunity to catch up on some of his arguments such as those regarding regulations, and how character matters--but how it can also be an unfair target.

      Thanks. And, as always, you can see what I have to say by checking out my blog here.


      Follow Friday Blogs, December 30, 2011


      As the year ends, many of us begin to make lists: the things we did, the things we wanted to do, the things we intend to do... someday... maybe... if we're lucky....

      So this week I'm dedicating my #FFBlogs to lists.

      First up is a wonderful conglomeration called the 12 Most. The site serves up anything and everything you can think of, from the 12 Most Trendy Twitter Topics to the 12 Most Common Barriers to Education Reform.  Well worth an hour of surfing; you're sure to find something that interests you.

      Next up is one of my personal favorites, the Very Short List. VSL is sort of an anti-list; it's inverted premise is that we are too often inundated with things to look at and click on, so wouldn't it be better to just have one very cool thing each day? By signing up you get a daily email, but you can always link through to the website and cruise the archives. You can also, of course, get your daily dose as a tweet.

      And, finally, a metablog, of sorts. eBizMBA has listed its Top 15 Most Popular Political Websites for the year. HuffPost is number 1; The Blaze is number 6.  The rest of this list is here...



      Follow Friday Blogs, December 23, 2011


      This week it seems there's only one thing to do:

      --Santa Claus' Christmas Blog, for all things Santa Claus-y

      --A nice review of where some of the Christmas traditions come from can be found here.

      --And a sermon from Pastor Paul Leggett of Grace Presbyterian Church in Montclair, NJ