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      Follow Friday Blogs, November 30, 2012

      It's time again for my periodic attempt to provide you with something to read other than my own stuff, on the assumption that there are people out there who have things to say that are both a) more interesting than my posts and b) better written.

      My first recommendation this week is The New Moderate, from Rick Bayan, who created the site "as a community for centrist thinkers who are fed up with extremist dogma… fed up with feeling excluded from the national debates on politics, culture and religion… fed up with being fed up!" Couldn't agree more. "We moderates have traditionally been a reticent bunch," he writes, "too mild-mannered and apathetic to jump into the political fray." He aims to change that, and I fully support his efforts.

      Up next is First Things, an online magazine published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life whose purpose is to "advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society." The site has both original material and curated posts from other sites. Filled with thoughtful articles written from a conservative perspective, the site has a wealth of excellent writers, and is well worth some of your time.

      Finally this week, I offer you Bipartisanshipnow, a blog from Tony Franco, Jr. who asks the question: "How come every time a politician runs for office, part of their stump speech is around breaking the log jam in Washington and partnering with the other side of the aisle to eliminate the partisan bickering that impedes any progress in Congress? They arrive with a spirit of bipartisanship but then very quickly their idea of bipartisanship changes." Good question, and Tony has some strong (and interesting ideas) about it...

      Of course, I want you to read my own stuff, too... Here are two recent posts, one on taxes, and one on compromise...