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    The Only Unforgivable Thing

    [Update, November 6, 2012, Election Day:  I've decided to vote for Mitt Romney.  I believe even more strongly this morning that an Obama victory would be Pyrrhic at best, and that the single most important thing we can do for the long-term benefit of our country is to break the back of the Tea Party and swing the pendulum back to moderation.  A Republican president and a split Congress gives Republican moderates the cover they need to work across the aisle.  This, for me, is paramount.... -MC]


    “The real divisions today in the Republican Party are not between liberals, moderates and conservatives; they are between pragmatists and ideologues.”

     –Former Representative Jim Leach (R-Iowa)


    Watershed. Precipice. Crossroads.

    Pick your term; the only thing certain is that someone has used it to describe the importance of this election.  Messaging swirls around our heads while wires hum with robocalls, eddied ads all looking to convince us of the one reason to vote for or against him or her.  It’s difficult to sift through, even for those of us who want to pay attention to it all.


    This morning a song poured into my head, a beautiful and sad melody that I hadn’t listened to in a long time: The Only Unforgivable Thing, from Marillion’s exceptional album Marbles.  The song’s lyrics include these plaintive words:

    I have lost the stars and the sky

    It was so that I could keep the earth

    So now I'm found

    Beyond the rocket-burst

    Among the burned out fireworks

    In No-vember

    An interview with lyricist (and Marillion lead singer) Steve Hogarth explains that the song derives, at least in part, from his feelings about the Iraq war and his fear of the way in which Prime Minister Blair blindly followed America’s lead. 

    I found myself thinking about how these lyrics—particularly with that stress on No-vember—tie into my feelings about this political season.  And so I asked this question:  When I wake up on Wednesday morning, what would be, for me, The Only Unforgivable Thing?


    The most recent poll numbers in Minnesota show Representative Michele Bachmann in a dogfight. Todd Aiken, too, is in a fair bit of trouble in his race for the Senate, and so is Allen West down in Florida.  (Meanwhile, Paul Broun—he of the “lies straight from the pit of hell” diatribe filmed in front of the dead deer wall—somehow manages to run unopposed…)

    And I thought how good it would feel if none of these people were sworn in to office come January.

    For us to elect (or re-elect) these hijackers, these extremists, these bastardizers of our Constitution and our history… for me, that would be unforgivable.


    The Tea Party Caucus is what’s wrong with government.  It’s not the real Republicans (though they lack backbone these days), nor is it the Democrats (though they lack a cohesive strategy and message.)  The real enemies are these people, those not-so-few who would hold our country hostage, who would condemn 200+ years of history built on compromise and cohesion. They truly do us all harm.

    Here’s the list

    Vote them out.


    The battle for control of the GOP is not a sudden one; it dates back to the battles first waged over the 1964 nomination. (One could even argue that it goes back further, to the T. Roosevelt days of the progressive Bull Moosers).  In 1964 the very-conservatives over-reached, and the resulting electoral debacle condemned the GOP to years and years of minority-hood.  But those Birchers, have not gone away.  They’ve fought and fought, co-opting an originally genuine grassroots cry and then taking advantage of the basest of baser instincts until, with the confluence of an African-American president and a religious enemy, they found their Perfect Storm. And now they wage war on our country from the inside.

    These people do not represent anything that I consider American.

    Here’s the list.

    Vote them out.


    I want to wake up on Wednesday morning and feel much, much better about my country.  If President Obama is elected, or Governor Romney… I can live with that.  If one party or the other is in the majority or the minority… I’ll be okay.  But if this list is just as long on Wednesday as it is today…well…that’s The Only Unforgivable Thing.

    Here’s the list.


    Vote them out.

    Number of Tea Party Caucus members, by state.


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