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What's a "Consiberal?"

Are You A Consiberal?

Consiberals are the new silent majority.

We believe in fiscal responsibility and social compassion We believe in reasonable, thoughtful dialogue without extremism. 

Consiberals can be from the right or the left, and we are the vast majority of voters.  We are tired of the spin and the sound bite; we are tired of political marketing. 

We want--we demand--that our leaders speak to us and for us, treating us all as intelligent participants in the body politic.


Michael Charney is the author of Chasing Glenn Beck: A Personal Experiment in Reclaiming our Hijacked Political Conversation as well as more than a dozen short stories, essays and technical articles covering a wide range of topics.  He lives in New Hampshire (by way of California and New Jersey) with his wife, Renee, and his two dogs, Kayda and Zoe.