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Musings on Politics, The Tea Party, and America's Rampant Electile Dysfunction







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    Table of Contents

    Introduction--March 15, 2011

    Week 1: Taking a Stab @ It

    Week 2: Lacking Klout

    Week 3: Welcome to the Party

    Week 4: I Believe in Me

    Week 5: Listing to the Right

    Week 6: Twitterdreams

    Week 7: I Blame Aristotle

    Week 8: Electile Dysfunction

    Week 9: You Can't Keep a Down Man Good

    Week 10: Manifesto Destiny

    Week 11: Shames People Play

    Week 12: Tweets and CHiRPs

    Week 13: Beck and Call

    Epilogue: The Perfect Tweet



    Chasing Glenn Beck: A Personal Experiment in Reclaiming our Hijacked Political Conversation began as a bit of an accident.

    As a middle-aged guy growing more and more frustrated with the abhorrent noise that passes for political dialog these days, I needed some sort of an outlet before I blew out another blood pressure cuff at the doctor's office. I had two choices: I could cut myself off from all humanity or I could find an ostensibly productive way to vent. 

    While the first option seemed initially attractive, my wife reminded me of its relative impracticality: we run our business virtually and cutting myself off would be like intentionally landing on Boardwalk and never passing Go. The second option had more promise, particularly since I've always loved to write, have had some previous success doing it (both in the creative and technical arenas) and type nearly 100 words a minute.

    I needed an anchor point to get started. Fortuitously, two events dovetailed nicely. The first was that Glenn Beck--long a symbol to me for everything that's wrong with the national conversation--had just recently made some really outrageous comments about the Japanese earthquake/tsuanmi victims and the apparently supernatural warnings we should all note thereof.  Secondly, it just happened to be the Ides of March.  Since Beck (despite all that false, "golly-gee" modesty) is the closest thing we have to a self-proclaimed emperor, I thought I might just try to take him down a peg.  Twitter--our modern day forum--seemed a good place to try.

    I set myself a few rules, established a twitter account--@BeckIsALib--and began tweeting, writing, watching the news, researching, tweeting and writing some more, always taking into account the real-world events around me.

    The book chronicles thirteen weeks (with an intro and epilog), with each chapter covering current events, personal narrative, actual tweet conversations and my own opinions. 

    The book is available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, at local bookstores, and directly from Riddle Brook Publishing.

    Thanks for your interest, and your comments are welcome.