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    I Suppose I Should Explain...

    The Tweep of the Week featurette hasn't been updated in a very long time. The reason for that is pretty simple--I just don't tweet much anymore. The majority of my Twitter activity took place during the experiment described in the book, and while I kept it up for a while after the book came out, I quickly realized that one grows tired of all the bashing and trolling. So I found other avenues.

    Having said all that, most of the tweeps described in my original entries are well worth following (if you're so inclined). But for the really, really fascinating tweets you'll have to buy a copy of Chasing Glenn Beck.


    Tweep of The Week: October 6, 2012


     Every once in a while I profile a particular Tweep, someone who I believe exemplifies the best in the Political Twittermind.  Tweeps can be from the right, left or center; what makes someone a superior Political Tweep are the qualities of listening, reasoning and conversing.  Interacting with tweeps like these always makes the Twitter experience a pleasant one....

    This week's "Tweep of the Week" is:  


    Election Protection

    The nation's largest non-partisan voter protection coalition, working to maintain your right to participate in our democracy. Call us: 1-866-OUR-VOTE #VoteReady


    I almost never choose an organization as my Tweep of the Week, but I can think of no more important cause right now than ensuring that EVERYONE has the right to vote.  The efforts to disenfranchise those without IDs, when combined with the efforts to restrict the ability for organizations to register others, is simply deplorable. If you can't win on your ideas, then that should be all there is to say about it!

    866OurVote is dedicated to making sure that we can ALL vote--Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Independent... It doesn't matter.  VOTE.  Know Your Rights!.  And if you're not sure, remember that they MUST let you vote, even if the ballot is challenged. 

    To find out the laws in your state, contact the organization at any time... even right from the polling center.


    My previous Tweep of the Week was: 


    Tony Markey

    I am 1/2 vagabond, 1/2 the son and heir (of nothing in particular), and 1/2 fruit salad. Yummy yummy. And another 100% math genius.